The Producers


G-MAN "Dah Mad Scientist"


I got my start in hip hop like many others as a fan and participant in the culture. I initially started by going to parties and trying to find out where I fit in within the 4 elements of hip hop. I was a Breaker, I’ve MCEED, and I've sprayed a tag or two in my time; But what I discovered is that I was especially drawn to the Deejaying element. I used to fiend for WBLS with Marly Marl and 98.7 KISS with Cool DJ Red Alert mix tapes back then. I had homeys in New York and Jersey, and they would send me the friday and saturday night mix shows on cassette. I really enjoyed listening to BLS and KISS wage war over the air waves; with promos and other spots that dissed the other station. I was also digging some of the other Deejays on the stations. I listened to Chuck Chillout, Funk Master Flex and Kevie Kev, put it down when they were on. This was nothin' but fuel added to the fire that burned inside me to get in the game. I saved up and was able to scrounge enough money to buy my first Technique 1200 turntables. This was the birth of G-MAN "The Mad Scientist". I spent hours honing my skills constructing blends and complicated scratch breaks. I did this until I decided to take my skills to streets. I teamed up with Robbie Moe who was a native New Yorker out Newburgh and my Deejay sparring partner. We began to throw parties as the ”Dynamic Duo” and rocked spots all over K-Town (Killeen, TX) and surrounding areas.

In high school, I met D-Ward and Mozee C. We formed a group and we called ourselves "The Untouchables".  The Untouchables were a multi-faceted group that featured dance routines, real MCEEIN' and a DJ that couldn't be touched, me. We threw parties, participated in rap contests, and had a weekly appearance on one of the local radio stations KLTD. We later, after a few name changes to THOZ HOMBRES, cut our first 12 inch single called "Go Baby Go". Being ignorant to the music business and being basically “broke”, the single didn't do much of anything; but it served as a valuable learning experience. By this time I gave up performing with the group and focused on making beats and Deejaying. The group split up after graduation due to college, but we kept in touch.

At the University of Houston is were I met D.R.E.A.D.. Just by chance we met by me over hearing a conversation about Hip Hop, the 4 elements and The Ultramagnetic MCs. The Ultramagnetic MCs discussion really conjoined us as hip hop purists. Since that meeting we have become tight homeys and later became business partners. D.R.E.A.D. and I spoke about doing something projects together, but we didn't own any equipment. This is when he introduced me to Big SIN of SES  Entertainment, who had some equipment. We did some projects together and formed InsanAsylum Productions. Our union ended soon afterwards due to professional differences. D.R.E.A.D. and I established InsanAsylum Productions as a business about this time. We formed our DBA and took care of trademarks and the like to make the business a legit venture.

I borrowed my homeboy's Ensoniq EPS 16+ because he wasn't too keen with computers and electronics. In return for the loan of the sampler, I made some beats for him and started the InsanAsylum catalog. I later bought my own equipment and eventually started my own studio. Since that time the beats have been coming strong.