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"Whatchu Talkin' Bout?" - VOL. 1

InsanAsylum Productions presents the diss mixtape of the year..."Whatchu Talkn' Bout - VOL. I (Hosted by The Real Rasheed)" Featuring K.S.D. ~ King Solomon's D.R.E.A.D. b/k/a D.R.E.A.D., EMJAY, P.O.T. ~ Prophets Of Truth, La-Lo, Shorty P, BNIC ~ Black Niggas In Charge. Special Appearances by Jadakiss & 2PAC. On top of includes original production by Ryan Croone of CIDEWAYZ ("MCEEZ), Sinima ("It's Goin' Down","Hatin") & Shadow of Blackhouse Productions ("South Slide"). Mayyyyuuuuunnnnn they blowing up on the G-UNIT for what Llyod Banks said about the south, stating "...they don't even know what they be talkin' 'bout...just be rhyming they words." HMMMMMM... This mixtape is taking the world by storm. This is the first "Slap Back" for what Lloyd banks said about the south, Check it out.


"COON DOG" - EMJAY’s Inaugural Release with InsanAsylum Productions

This is the pinnacle of Houston Hip Hop with production by G-MAN, La Lo, ZITB , Shadow Black of Black House Productions, and Big Foo of Wyld Time Entertainment (NY).  This project is the new “rue” for your Gumbo kinfolk featuring Coessie, K.S.D., Shorty P, Jimmy, Wonderboy & China Mike. The Ole Coon’s project is funk laden with true diversity never before seen coming outta the Houston Area.  Tracks like “Get Paid”, “Push”, “Till I Get To Heaven” let you know where his head is about straight out Getting It.  “No Time 4 Trippin’”, “Break U Off”, “Dance Fever” & “Throwin It Up” get at them ladies in a language they understand and respect coming from a Country Boy in the city.  “Let’s Ride”, “That’s How It Is”, “South Slide” and “Dedication” give you more Funk then you bargained for…4 True.  Other tracks like “Liftin Weights”, “Eight Trey Cadillac” and “Main Event” show the Ole Coon’s lyrical prowess for switching styles on that ass!  

Being compared to some of the greatest lyricist & storytellers in the Hip Hop Game like Slick Rick, Ludacris, Scarface & Rakim makes this THE project for the here, now and hereafter.  Believe me we gonna get you some snippets in a minute to peep.  In the meantime hit us up via to be placed on our distribution list for updates about your boy…EMJAY – That Coon Dog Nigga From LC to HT!



The second installment of D.R.E.A.D.'s Antiquities Triunal - "psychoanalysis" will be a late summer or early fall release. The 1st single will be "Interstate" be on the look out for these banging "ish". Special Guest appearances include - Papa Doc of The SMUGGLAZ ("Interstate"), Chill of Ghetto Throne ("Gangsta? Part Deux")& introducing BEWISE ("Mother's Day")...PLUS the following on the roster cut "I'mma Smoke" - Big Chad & Dean of Bottom Groundz/FRONTLINE, HITONE, Emjay, Jay Sinista & Chill of Ghetto Throne. This entire project was produced by none other than the Mad Scientist - G-MAN!!!!


Where to Purchase INCOGNITO

THE "incognito" project, all the tracks including the skits, are available for digital download Nationally and Internationally @ the following sites:  CDBaby - Sony Connect - LoudEye - Apple iTunes - MusicNet - MusicMatch - MusicNow - MSN Music - NetMusic - Napster - Ruckus - Bitmunk - BuyMusic - AudioLunchBox - PassAlong - Weed - Chondo - WrapFactory - American Idol Underground - MP3tunes - DigitalKiosk - Mperia - TreeTunes - QTRnote - MusicIsHere - Rhapsody - Arvato - PlayIndies - Liquid Digital Media - NextRadio - Tradebit - Goldmic - DigiPie - PayPlay - Emusic - Nareos - iSound - Interia - HearMusic - GroupieTunes - Puretracks - MP3-Extension - MOD Systems - Destra - Choice Records - Inprodicon - Daiki (Music Online Corp).

The "incognito" project is available for purchase at your local record store. Just hit one of the following links for your state to find a spot close ta ya:


More About Artist KSD

Check out the following sites for more K.S.D. ~ King Solomon's D.R.E.A.D. b/k/a D.R.E.A.D. information:

CD Baby - Product for purchase & posted reviews...feel free to listen and post one yourself.

Garage Band - Featuring "Anyway U Want" & "D.R.E.A.D. Lox" from the "incognito" project.  "D.R.E.A.D. Lox" best ranking was #95 out of 4238. Additionally was voted Grooviest Rhythm overall, week 2 of JAN2006 & Grooviest Rhythm in Hip Hop, week 2 of JAN2006.

Sound Click - Featuring "Gangsta?", "Anyway U Want", "2U", "D.R.E.A.D. Lox" & "WHADDUP?" all from the "incognito" project.  "Gangsta?" charted at #204 of 17,147 in Positive Vibes Section.  "Anyway U Want" charted at #468 of 15,530 in Pop General Section.  "2U" charted at #3773 of 505,190 in Hip Hop General Section.  "D.R.E.A.D. Lox" charted at #370 of 17,147 in Positive Vibes Section.  "WHADDUP?" charted at #3732 of 505,190 in Hip Hop General Section.

Sonic Bids - Digital press kit.

American Idol Underground Website - Vote for the InsanAsylum Production produced single "D.R.E.A.D. Lox" from K.S.D. ~ King Solomon's D.R.E.A.D. project "incognito".