King Solomon's Dread


Quite simply one of the most talented lyricists, performers and forward thinkers in the music industry today is the man they call King Solomon’s D.R.E.A.D. aka D.R.E.A.D., Mr. GetDown, Da Hook Masta, or Dat Nigga. His beginnings in the four elements of Hip Hop began as a Breaker…until his mother saw him spinning on his head; then a Bomber…until S.P.D. brought his lil ass home with paint tainted hands; then a DJ…until his mother walk in on him cutting her “Good Times” wax; now the ultimate MC…momma cain’t say Shit now!

This Houston Based Seattle artist is renowned for his vigorous writing recording and knack for phat ass hooks. Dubbed the “Hook Master” by Tas, former co-founder of the legendary Seattle Underground Hip Hop group P.O.T. (Prophets Of Truth), his persistence in continuing against all odds made him the man he is now.

His music is a throwback to the times when you didn’t have to be a Thug, Killa, Gangsta, nor a Pimp to get it! Being one of the aforementioned only criminalizes the ground breaking creative outlet created when DJ Kool Herc brought the Sound Bwoy mentality from the West Indies. Yes he’s done some the dirt that others have and yes he’s appeared to be hypocritical at times, but who hasn’t?

His style is a style that ain’t a style no more…he actually believes that creativity within your flows coupled with fresh NEW producers, beats, and conceptual projects make your career. Platinum success…OK he’ll take it but doesn’t necessarily need it to validate his artistic merits!

The releases of “incognito”, “antithesis”, and “psychoanalysis” mark the bearing of his personage through music. “Antiquities Triunal”, as the projects are collectively referred to, follows in the concept of the Holy Trinity (GOD, Son, and Holy Spirit), the concept of time (Past, Present, Future) and spirituality (Mind, Body, Soul). “incognito” deals with the trappings and vices physically experienced, “antithesis” reflects what is within this Emcee’s soul and “psychoanalysis” reveals his thoughts ~ the good, the bad, the ugly.



Big Chad

Big Chad


Born on December 27th, this son of 70's reggae singer Chamella Brown, Chadman "Big Chad" Greaves, had experience performing as early as 12. He participated in several talent shows in his birthplace of Miami, FL, and in junior high joined the marching band. This began young Chadman's entertainment career and his appreciation and knowledge of music. After only his second year Chad beat out all upperclassman for the position of section leader. In late '96 he moved to Texas. It was there he started writing rhymes with his brother Tilly, a member of a local rap group called Fully Equiped and took on the name Big Chad. In 1998 he moved back to Miami to finish his high school education. He recorded his album with Bottom Grounds Records a label started by his childhood friend.






What is a Coon Dog?

Is it defined in someone's upbringing or environment?

Country or City?

Actually its all of the above.

From Lake Charles

The Bottom

The Boot

You only become one if you take the worst that life has got to deal you and play Texas Hold'em. Going all in before the River is laid.

Upredictable odds surpassed by intuition.

Street Savvy, Intelligent, Thoughtful and Reflective.

Only a Gangsta knows when he's got it good for the booth is the truth.

You Want More?


Welcome to the Year of the Coon!!!

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